Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR)/
Centre Franco-Indien pour la Promotion de la Recherche Avancée (CEFIPRA)

Indo-French Water Network(IFWN) Programme

Considering the strong urge of the French and Indian governments to reinforce scientific collaboration to address prevalent and emerging challenges in water, the French Embassy in India and the Indian Department of Science & Technology (DST) have joined hands for Indo-French scientific networking programme in the field of water. This networking programme has been implemented by the Indo French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA).


  1. To form dedicated networks of Indian and French research groups & industries to address identified water issues.
  2. To strengthen and expand the quality and potential of water research in both countries by building greater interaction between France and India.
  3. To build stronger relationships between industry and academic communities in France and India coupled with better knowledge exchange, to form the basis for future collaborations, research projects, and joint endeavor related to water technology, research & innovations.

Priority fields

Proposals in the following areas are encouraged:
  1. Waste water treatment (Industrial/ Domestic);
  2. Natural water treatment systems.
Proposals in line with the DST’s Technology Mission “WAR for Water” and/or the goals of the IFWN (www.ifwn.org) are particularly encouraged.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The proposals must include at least TWO, and no more than FIVE partners on the Indian side and similarly TWO and no more than FIVE partners on the French side. At least one industrial partner and one academic partner must be included in each project. Academic partners should have permanent position in an Indian or French University / R & D institution.
  2. One Indian coordinator and one French coordinator must be identified from Indian and French academic partnering institutions and clearly mentioned in the proposal for further communication.
  3. Emphasis will be given to projects promoting students and involvement of young researchers.

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