Ongoing projects

S. No. Project Title Project No. PIs
1 Personalized Mobility Services for Urban Travelers DST-Inria 2013-01 Dr. Pushpeder Sigh
IIIT Delhi

Dr. Elisabeth Guazzalli
Dr. Animesh Pathak
INRIA France
2 Basal Ganglia at Large DST-Inria 2013-02 Dr. Bapi Raju
Univ. of Hyderabad

Dr. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy
IIT Madras

Dr. Fedric Alexandre
LaBRI, Inria France
3 Algorithmic Verification of Real time systems DST-Inria 2013-03 Dr. S.Krishna
IIT Bombay

Dr. Frederic Herbreteau
Institue Polytechnique de Bordeaux, CNRS
4 Optimal Inference in complex and turbulent data DST-Inria 2013-04 Dr. Dharmendra Singh
IIT Roorkee

Dr. Hussein Yahia,Inria France
5 Evolving Communities and Information Spreading DST-Inria 2013-05 Dr. Bivas Mitra
IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Jean Loup Guillaume
CNRS, France
6 Post-stroke tele-neurorehabilitation using an operant conditioning paradigm under volitionally driven transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation DST-Inria 2013-06 Dr. Uttma Lahiri
IIT Gandhinagar

Dr. Anirban Dutta
Inria France
7 Automated Verification of concurrent Software DST-Inria 2014-01 Prof. Madhav Mukund
Chennai Mathematical Institute

Dr. Ahmed Boujjani
CNRS, France
8 A big data perspective for energy management in smart grids and dwelling. DST-Inria 2014-02 Prof. Ujjwal Maulik
Jadavpur University

Prof. Sangmitra Bandhopadya
ISI Kolkatta

Dr. Corinne Touati
LIG lab Inria
9 Reflection Aware ICC Analysis Framework for Android Apps DST-CNRS 2015-01 Prof. Monaj Singh Gaur
Malaviya national Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Prof. Akka Zammari
Univeirsty of Bordreaux, Bordreaux
10 Modelling and control of mobile cooperating bionic arms DST-CNRS 2015-02 Prof. Pushparaj mani Pathak
IIT Roorkee

Prof. A.K.Samantaray
IIT Kharagpur

Prof. Rochdi Merzouki
Ecole Poyltechnique, Univeriste de Lille
11 Study of Privacy, Accountability and Ownership in IoT DST-CNRS 2015-03 Dr. Manik Lal Das
Dhirubhai Ambani Insitute of Information and Communication Technology

Dr. Lafourcade Pascal
Univeristy Clermont Auvergne
12 Polyhedral Compilation and Optimization for Data-Flow Programming Languages DST-Inria 2015-04 Prof. Uday Kumar Reddy Bondhugula
IISc Bangalore

Porf. Labert Cohen
Ecole Normale Superieure, France
13 Learning from BigData: First-Order methods for Kernels and Submodular functions DST-Inria 2015-05 Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
IISc Bangalore

Prof. Francis Bach