Directory of CEFIPRA Team

Name Phone/Fax/Email
Dr. Mukesh Kumar


Ph: (+91-11) 2468 2251
(+91-11) 2468 2252
Fax: (+91-11) 2464 8632
Mrs. Neeraj Kapoor

Senior Executive Assistant (To Director)

(Facilitating secretarial and administrative support to Director including appointments/travel etc. Correspondence with CAMPUS FRANCE for funds related to mobility support)


Name Email
Mrs. A. Sathidevi

Scientific Officer

(Collaborative Scientific Research Programme, Seminars/ Workshops/ Training Schools, DST/INRA Targetted Programme, High Impact Scientific Research Programme, Group Farmimg Project )
Mr. Kunal Kasariya

Scientific Programme Associate

(Raman-Charpak Fellowship, CEFIPRA-ESONN Fellowship, CEFIPRA-SGRI PPP Programme, CEFIPRA-SOLEIL Synchrotron Programme, DST-ANR, DST-Inria-CNRS, IFCAM, Industry Academia Research & Development Programme, Airbus Group-CEFIPRA Aerospace Programme)
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Choudhary

Scientific Associate

(Outcome Analysis, BIRAC-CEFIPRA-French Embassy Programme, BIRAC-CEFIPRA-Bpifrance Programme, Indo-French Water Network)
Dr. Payal Prakash

Scientific Associate

(Annual Report, Newsletter, Brochure, Miscellaneous)
Dr. Aparajita Das

Scientific Associate

(TDB-CEFIPRA-Bpifrance Programme)

Accounts & Administration

Name Email
Mr. Aseem Gakhar

Manager (Admin & Accounts)

(Overall Accounting & Administrative Functions)

(+91-11) 4352 6261 (Direct Line)
Mr. Pranav Sharma

Assistant Accounts Officer

(Finalisation of Accounts, Income Tax Matters, Submission of UC/SE and Preparation of BE/RE)
Mr. Vijay Kumar Chaudhary


(Processing & Disbursement of TA/DA Claim etc)
Mr. T. Nadarajan

Senior Assistant

(Purchase, Store, General Administration)
Mr. V. Ganesan

Executive Assistant

(Matter related to ticketing, visa, travel/medical insurance and release of foreign exchange, logistics related to CEFIPRA meetings & General Admn. )
Mr. Abhay Shankar Pandey

Computer Programmer

(Website, Online Submission System/Electronic Project Proposal Management System (EPPMS), IT , Software Issues, CEFIPRA Publications)
Mr. Yogesh Kumar

Computer Technician

(Hardware, Networking, Facebook, Twitter )
Mr. Deepankar Barua


Mr. Jeewan Kumar

Messenger-cum-Record Keeper

Mr. P. Mohansundaram


EPBX: (+91-11) 2468 2251, 2468 2252
            (+91-11) 2460 2432